Cloudflare for low traffic sites (does it do anything?)

I’ve just read that Cloudflare caches resources (with Cache Everything rule) for up to whatever the Edge Cache TTL is set to, but for low traffic sites it can drop the cached files even before the Edge Cache TTL expires.

Does this mean that for low traffic sites, most visitors will basically get a non-cached version of the site directly from the server? Or are there certain resources that Cloudflare always keeps cached? Does the CDN even kicks in for low-traffic sites when the files have an expired cache (due to low traffic)?



The fact that a site has little traffic doesn’t necessarily mean the traffic is regularly spaced, right? I mean, you might have a site that gets zero visits for a few hours, than several visits within an hour. Also, bots (like Googlebot, ads bots, etc.) tend to make many requests at the same time. For all those reasons, and the added benefit of Cloudflare’s firewall, I’d say, yes, Cloudflare is worth it even for low traffic sites.

Also, please bear in mind that Cache Everything is used to add HTML and a few other dynamic assets to the list of static files that Cloudflare caches automatically. So even if your site gets few visitors, and each visit different HTML pages, they in all likelihood will be requesting a bunch of the same image, JS and CSS files.

It can happen that resources are evicted from cache if not used for a while and cache space is needed for something else. This would impact your first visitor requesting those resources after eviction but it will remain there for a little bit - or if no cache space is needed for something else, then for the time of the Edge Cache TTL.

As above, if you see requests coming in groups then the benefits multiply instantly.

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