Cloudflare for Ghost blog / IRCd / Gaming server


I’m totally new to Cloudflare, and I have some questions, that I hope you can help me with!

I have a ghost blog (Selfhosted on my VPS) (It’s called - The VPS is hosted on a large VPS in Dutchland

On the same server/domain, I have an IRC Server, and a game server.

Can I use Cloudflare for my ghost hosting, and disable Cloudflare from the IRCd server and the game server?

The main reason I need Cloudflare is for the CDN network.

I hope you understand me.


Thomas Halfdaner -

You would have to have the services on different hostnames. Each :orange: Proxied hostname is pretty much a one-trick pony.

Some info

My site is:
My irc domain is:
My game server is:

I’m not trying to hide the IP… The only thing i need Cloudflare is for the CDN / Optimise

Can you explain? I’m not sure what you mean??

That’s totally fine. and www would be :orange: Proxied for the website.

irc and dragon would be :grey: DNS Only (direct connection) to handle IRC and Gaming ports/protocols.

OK :slight_smile: Thanks a lot @sdayman - Its very helpfull :slight_smile:

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