Cloudflare for families

Just curious how often sync happens between and
for families DNS. and shows different domain categorization more then day already.
For instance linksafe domain: > in Internet Security, which is correct > blocking

Thank you,

I’m unclear what the question is. and don’t sync. That domain by is blocked because it is currently categorized as a potential malware domain. If you disagree you can request a review. is link safe product from email provider.
Review request has been submitted yesterday, after that

  • shows correct categorization. doesnt.

It is possible that both show the correct categorization. It can both be a product used for Internet security and a domain which someone has used to publish malware. I’m not part of the review team or process so I can’t say what the findings were.

If you want to override Cloudflare’s policy categorization for 1.1.1.[2/3] Cloudflare for Teams is a product that offers the ability for you to set your own policies and whitelist/block domains as you choose.

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