Cloudflare for Families false positive

On behalf of a mutual client of ours, I have been reporting a false positive in Cloudflare for Families for 2 months in the automated system with no change. There doesn’t seem to be a phone number for people who want to call and check status, or make sure someone is checking that email address, or making sure the automation isn’t broken. There doesn’t seem any mechanism to receive any feedback on if the request was processed or rejected either, so I have to come back and check every 2-3 days.



Please do not post replies that provide no new information to your topic. If you aren’t getting a response, it may be due to the lack of detail in your original post.

What is the domain? What is the categorization that you think is not accurate?

I would have gladly avoided posting on the forums had there been any kind of ticket, or phone support that I knew was being addressed instead of screaming my issue into the void. is being categorized as phishing. It is a content server for a mass storage service (Lucid Link). I have requested a reassessment using the tool for this site multiple times over the last few months with no way of seeing if it was ever reviewed, rejected, or processed.

Phone support is only offered in emergencies on Enterprise agreements. Tickets are limited to account, registrar, and billing matters on free plans.

Thank you for sharing the details. The hostname you describe appears to be a shared storage space. If it is listed as phishing, it is extremely likely that someone was operating a phishing site from that hostname. It may or may not get reclassified, and unfortunately no one outside of Cloudflare Trust and Safety will have any visibility into that process.

The best way I can think of to resolve any underlying issue with that hostname is to configure access using your own domain if the service has that capability.

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