Cloudflare for domain registration and name servers - free for business?

I am an IT consultant for soho businesses. They typically have a domain, mostly for email. Most have a couple static web pages with their contact info that I host under a hostgator reseller account.

A couple have someone that designed / manages their website.

I currently have the domains in a godaddy account. And the name servers for each is using the hostgator reseller account’s name servers.

They use m365 for email.

Somewhere, I saw that cloudflare has relatively low costs for domains / domain renewal. And operates name servers.

Sounds great, but the free level account here at Cloudflare says it’s for personal / hobby use. Is that their recommendation or what they require in their ToS (which I tried to read but got dizzy).

Any recommendation on using the free level for my clients without having a problem with them / worrying about violating their ToS? I DO realize - they are a business and need to make $$.

And then, if registering the domains through Cloudflare’s free account,

Any recommendation on using the cloudflare name servers? Vs. the m365 name servers?

It seems it would be easiest to use the m365 name servers - they will put the spf, DMARC, DKIM records in the zone easily.

I’d review this recent post, in particular the Agency option may be applicable to what you’d like to accomplish,

Domains are offered via Cloudflare Registrar on an at-cost basis, but those zones (domains) need to use cloudflare nameservers.

I suspect the free plan is suitable for many of your clients. Especially if they’re not operating an online store, nor using their web presence for revenue-generation.

An approach to consider wrt plan type is to identify plan type by client based on their requirements. Client A needs streaming, client B operates an online storefront that generates all or nearly all their revenue, client C has sites that are always being attacked. The unique requirements for each of your clients may point you towards certain plan types or add-on features that are needed for a particular web property.

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