CloudFlare for caching REST API response developed in core php

In core PHP, I created a REST API. This API is used to fetch data from a server in a mobile app. We now have a situation where the app is being used by 10,000 people at the same time.

The server (Amazon EC2 UBUNTU 12.04) fails when all of these users are using the app at the same time. We’ve opted to employ CloudFlare to tackle this problem. Even after a lot of study, it’s still unclear how to utilise cloudflare to cache API responses.

Below are few links that I have followed so far: Customizing Cloudflare's cache – Cloudflare Help Center Introducing Page Rules: Advanced Caching (Including Configurable HTML Caching) .

On our CloudFlare account, we’ve already specified the CNAME and HOST details. Could someone please assist me in determining what implementation is required? Or whether this is even possible at all?
Here is my site:
Thanks in Advance


you could try to enable the cache all option in the Cloudflare dashboard.

To create a Cache Everything Page Rule , follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.

  2. Choose the appropriate domain.

  3. Click the Page Rules app.

  4. In the textbox under If the URL matches , create a URL pattern to differentiate your website’s static versus dynamic content.

  5. Choose the Cache Level setting and then the Cache Everything submenu setting.

  6. Click Save and Deploy .

  7. Verify your resources are cached by checking the cache response returned by Cloudflare.

From Cloudflare Support Center

If this dose not work a link to your api would be helpful.

Btw. on your website it looks like that the Cloudflare proxy is disabled. Please check if the cloud-icon besides your api dns record is orange and not grey.