Cloudflare for caching mobile game updates?

Hi all,

We are currently working on a mobile game, and we use AWS s3 to delivers game updates to players. However, since s3 is quite expensive, we are wondering if we are able to use Cloudflare to caches the game updates.

We knew it is indeed possible to cache s3 content using Cloudflare. However, since we can’t find many resources regarding this usage, we figured we should ask about it first. Here are some questions:

1 - Is it a good idea for using Cloudflare in this use case, what problems may I face?
2 - Is using Cloudflare to delivers in-app updates (but not a website) allowed by the TOS
3 - Will players be redirected to do a captcha?

Thank you for your time.

Probably not a good idea. Cloudflare Enterprise would allow you to negotiate a deal for delivering this sort of content, but it would cost a considerable amount of money (at least more than the business plan). Note that you can ask Sales for only certain features, so your price might be considerably lower than the “$5000” price tag that’s listed. If you talk to sales they can give you an estimate.

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Thank you for your reply! Glad we asked before proceeding, otherwise we might have ruined our game’s launch. Thanks a lot!

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