Cloudflare Fonts troubleshooting help

I’m encountering an issue with Cloudflare Fonts on my site that’s using Google Fonts. Despite following the troubleshooting steps on Cloudflare’s documentation (Cloudflare Fonts troubleshooting · Cloudflare Speed docs), the expected behavior isn’t occurring. Situation:

  • I have Cloudflare Fonts enabled on my site.
  • When Cloudflare Fonts is disabled, network requests to and appear as expected.
  • After enabling Cloudflare Fonts and waiting (even over an hour), plus refreshing the site in a fresh incognito window with cache disabled, there are no requests to any /cf-fonts/ paths. Instead, requests to and still show up.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

  • Followed the Cloudflare Fonts troubleshooting guide.
  • Ensured browser cache is disabled during testing.
  • Purged Cloudflare caches repeatedly.
  • Ensure testing from a fresh incognito window with the inspect panel open and disable cache selected

I have the same problem. Test site is

Site uses DM Sans and Inter. Fonts not replaced by Cloudflare Fonts even though href to api and link to gstatic exist as per troubleshooting guide

There are a number of fonts with this problem. CF is aware of it (see link below from the Devs Discord) but no changes/fixes as yet: