Cloudflare Fonts - Birthday Week Announcement 🎂

Hey Everyone,

Happy Birthday week!

Today We are thrilled to introduce Cloudflare Fonts! In the coming weeks sites that use Google Fonts will be able to effortlessly load their fonts from the site’s own domain rather than from Google. All at a click of a button. This enhances both privacy and performance. It enhances users’ privacy by eliminating the need to load fonts from Google’s third-party servers. It boosts a site’s performance by bringing fonts closer to end users, reducing the time spent on DNS lookups and TLS connections.

Sites that currently use Google Fonts will not need to self-host fonts or make complex code changes to benefit – Cloudflare Fonts streamlines the entire process, making it a breeze.

We Speed team will be rolling this out the first week of October. So keep your eyes peeled.

Blog post can be found here: Cloudflare Fonts: enhancing website font privacy and speed

Any questions let us know below!

Matt PM for Speed.


How/where do we access this?

We are live! In your Speed > Optimization Tab > Content Optimization

You will see Cloudflare Fonts

Then you can see in the Network tab the fonts being loaded from my domain, cached and the same connection ID!

Developer Docs can be found here!

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Is there a way to directly use Cloudflare fonts? I have some client-side rendered pages that load Google Fonts, instead of referencing Google Fonts, is there a URL and a specific tag format that I can use to use Cloudflare fonts instead?

Can /cf-fonts/ URLs be used manually, or is it only with the HTML rewriting?


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