Cloudflare Font does not seem to process newer Google Fonts

It’s not a big deal but just posting in case others are facing the same issue. I have been using a pretty new font recently added to Google Fonts database (Onest). I enabled Cloudflare Fonts setting a few days ago and since then I have been monitoring the code to see when it actually starts working. It hasn’t still.

Today, I decided to do a small test. I replaced Onest with one of the older and popular fonts Roboto and noticed that it was immediately served from the cf-fonts folder locally.

I am not sure if Cloudflare is still indexing the fonts from Google database to process them through their own servers. And if this would get fixed automatically with time. Would be nice to get a comment from the devs. Cheers.

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I am having the (most likely) same issue. Cloudflare Fonts is turned on (triple-checked), yet all Google Fonts are still downloaded from Google. It hasn´t replaced & served a single Google Font for me yet in the last 3 days. That´s with caches cleared over and over and turning the option off and back on. Nothing…

Any ideas?

Thank you.

yeah, i mean you can temporarily replace the font with something like roboto and see if it starts getting served by cloudflare instantly to confirm that everything is alright at your end! we can only hope that they expand support for more fonts served by google fonts sooner than later!

@sushubh I created a mini-site to test CFF and found that there are a number of fonts on GF which CFF doesn’t yet handle correctly, one way or the other — e.g., either they’re not “de-Googled” or they don’t render properly. Have posted about this on the CF Discord but have received no response; so, as you said, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Righto. I just tried Onest again today and it seems to be cached by Cloudflare as expected. So that’s nice.

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