Cloudflare firewwall blocking me in Chrome/Opera/Edge


Hopefully someone has some ideas here!

I have some firewall rules that only allow access from 2 ip addresses to one of my sites. For the last few days if I visit the site in either Chrome/Edge/Opera/Vivaldi, I get a 1020 access denied message.

The error details shows an ip that’s not mine and that ip is different in all browsers as if it’s proxied some how.

If I visit Cloudflare’s IP checker (or Google etc) it shows my correct (not blocked) IP address.

Incognito doesn’t change anything, or clearing cache and hard refreshing. It works fine in Safari and for some reason is currently now working in Chrome, but no other chromium browsers. I note the cloudflar error page shows as http, when the domainn uses https, so maybe relevant.

Attached are screenshots of firewall log, error messaages and the output from Cloudflare’s ip checker. (It only allows me to upload one image so hopefully the firewall log will do!)


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