Cloudflare Firewall Not Blocking Traffic from India and Pakistan


Please I tried to use Cloudflare firewall to block traffic from India and Pakistan to my website, but I still see them on GA… Because I’m not sure if it’s because of their traffic I’m getting many spamm backlinks with extension (.in) to my site…
Is there anyway around this? to block them and the spam links?


What are you seeing in GA that shows that traffic as coming from India and Pakistan IP addresses?

And what setting did you use to block those countries?

There is cloudflare firewall options to block countries or may be its bots only but below is the expression

( eq “IN” and eq “PK”)

Then Block…

Ok, that should work. You can test it by adding your own country then try visiting your site. If you haven’t put your home IP address on an Allow List, your connection should be blocked.

Set firewall expression ( eq “IN” and eq “PK”) block country India and Pakistan

I think it is unlikely that an IP will evaluate as being in both India AND in Pakistan. It would be one OR the other.


One never knows what the latest geopolitical development was.


I think emmanux2011 is more concerned about getting backlink from .in domain. Even if you block traffic from IN and PK. Any user opening .in domain in USA and clicking on your link will reach to your site. Its better you block that specific referrer as well.

Darn it. Someone even posted an easy way to remember AND/OR for a POSITIVE/NEGATIVE test, which I promptly forgot.


Reading all through the suggestions, I don’t think blocking the traffic will work… Because the main purpose of blocking the traffic in the first instance is to technically block the spamm links being generated from India… I’ve tried using Google disavow tools but the new links will just pop up from nowhere probably on daily basis

As user3011 suggests, it isn’t just a referrer, many of them are generated almost daily as high as 30 to 99% spam level on Moz analysis…

Taking cscharff consideration, I believe you suggest I should use the “Or” rule instead of “And”… I will give it a try but will it stop these bad backlinks that are being generated from India and few from Pakistan on daily basis?

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