Cloudflare firewall logs say "No Firewall events"

As in the topic, Cloudflare is showing zero events even though there is plenty of traffic to the website (close to 10,000 visitors in June). Anyone else seeing this? I’ve seen this in my Cloudflare acct 4 or 5 times now…

If there is no bad traffic to the website then there will be no logs there to show. Are you sure all the important subdomains are :orange:, so being proxied by Cloudflare?

There is absolutely bad traffic that is not being shown. This is a site that gets (except what is now blocked) up to 4 million hits a month from worldwide. I’ve had Cloudflare do this to me (not saying it’s deliberate) several times in the past. It will show nothing for a day, then traffic appears, including the previous day when nothing was being reported.

Additional… This has been in place for the better part of a year. I haven’t logged in for several days and now see this again.

Just switched back to the firewall logs after entering some more blocks and now, after an hr, it’s populated again. Really curious as to what’s going on.

This says to me it could be an API issue. Do red error messages show at the bottom of the screen?

I know you were not saying it, but why would they deliberately show no firewall logs? It’s in their best interest showing you that they actually work and do what they advertise.

I don’t believe they are deliberately doing this. My best guess (and that’s all it is) is that it’s freaking out due to the number of blocking entries I have.

No message at the bottom or anywhere. I refresh the page multiple time and there’s the expected delay… then it just comes up with no entries. This morning, all is well. Yesterday when it started working again, I had done nothing. Zero log entries when I logged on, and no changes 35-40 mins later when logged traffic appeared… again. Since we as users of the free service have no communication to staff, I may never know. Again, if I were to guess, they monitor the threads here and if logs aren’t refreshing as in my case, sprinkle some magic dust on it and it’s up again…!!!

I have over 600 firewall entries by either /24 or /16 networks, blocking much of the world from my site as there is some sensitive info there and Iran went after it last year forcing me to take the site down for weeks to implement username/password security on all the sensitive areas.

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