Cloudflare firewall block googlebots from crawling

Recently on date 23/03/2021, I activate WAF in cloudflare. Due to this cloudflare firewall block google bot from crawling my website and then after that my all traffic and keywords are lost in google.

After in deep reserch and talk to some experts about it, they tell me that firewall is blocking google bots from crawling my website

then I disable cloudflare fully but yet my website does not retain to its position and traffic is continuesly falling.

WAF enable date - 23/03/2021

WAF diable date - 19/05/2021

total 2 months cloudflare block google bot from crawling

please help to how can I recover my website from this.

There’s a reason Cloudflare gives you the firewall analytics. Use it to analyze what’s blocking Googlebot.


I dont want to know whats blocking google bots,

I disable firewall and cloudflare due to this error because all my paid services tell me to do that.

I want to know that how much time website takes to recover from this error.

fake bot WAF rules?

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If you’re asking how long it takes for Google rankings to change, we don’t know. Their ranking system is always a mystery, but I bet there are Google forums with posted theories that address your question.

Have you created any rule yourself, or added any AS or IP address to the block list or just only activated WAF, nothing else?

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