Cloudflare firewall and Wordfence

Can someone explain to me I still can see Russian IP addresses hitting my Wordfence firewall even I have blocked Russia in Cloudflare?

There’s a chance they’re bypassing Cloudflare and hitting your server directly. That’s why it’s necessary to firewall off anything that doesn’t come through:

On the other hand, you may have some sort of whitelist that’s letting those connections through…or Wordfence is using a different geo database than Cloudflare. Without knowing the IP address(es) getting through, we can only guess.

Thanks sdayman. Fortunately Russia is also blocked on the Wordfence side. The IP is

I believe Cloudflare uses MaxMind, and MM says it’s in Russia. I won’t be able to replicate the problem since I can’t trigger a request from that IP address.

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