Cloudflare firewall and SQLi are blocking parts of my website from working

Hello. I am having a firewall / SQLI issue and it points back to Cloudflare.
I use Elementor for hosting and website building. Linked with Elementor I use Ninjaforms for my questionnaires and I got my domain from Namecheap but I believe they are using Cloudflare for the SSL.

With Ninjaforms, I am not able to save the forms. Their tier 3 tech support is saying “the Cloudflare firewall is blocking the request made by this Ninja form plugin. Currently, the plugin uses a dangerous approach while changing some values, and that’s why it is being blocked by the Cloudflare firewall. The rule that is catching this is named SQLi - MultiLevel Function, which prevents potential SQL injections. Kindly reach out to the plugin author(as they are in the best position) and see if they can provide any workaround for the same”.

I have tried to look this up and can not find a way to disable this firewall or figure out a way to get around this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Gary King

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