Cloudflare file caches won't be cleared even in 'ON' Development mode in DNS

Hi I use Cloudflare as DNS server for my website.
for example I defined, to point to a Google Cloud CDN storage bucket IP in which I server my static landing files.
the problem is when I deploy a new version of my code on that bucket, even after time passes more than the cache TTL of that bucket, I see my old landing on my domains, specifically on my www subdomain.
when I use another DNS server like DNSimple, the problem resolves.
I think the problem is with the Cloudflare caching system.
I went to the Caching part of my domain’s configurations in Cloudflare panel, purged entire caches, and set the Development mode “ON” and also set the “Always Online” part “OFF”.
but the problem still remains.
I’d be very delighted If anybody could tell me what should I do to get rid of the cache!

Purge Everything.

I’ve purged everything and it didn’t work.

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