Cloudflare Family DNS Service

I have my website with you on Cloudflare and it has always been superb. I have recently been getting a few issues where customers can’t view the site? After searching on Blockeddotorg, I found it says !1 Active Block" and then it says “Cloudflare Family DNS Service”? This also seemed to start around the time my website took a massive drop from #1 on google to page 10+? We sell CBD oil and all our products are on the UK FSA Novel Food list and are all 100% legal. I am not sure why I am getting this block message? Can anyone please advise what may be causing this and how to rectify?

Cloudflare Family DNS service is for screening malware and adult content blog post. You can check your domain on radar to see what it has been flagged as.

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Thanks Jake.
Sorry to be a pain but I can’t find how or where to add my domain for checking?

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