Cloudflare fails to cache the html (Cf-cache-status: MISS)


Hi guys,
I created a page rule to cache html content of my home page and another page. However, when i check the http response headers on home page, i get:

Cf-cache-status: MISS

Moreover, there is no cahe status at all on the other page. These are the http headers of the home page:home

As a result, always online functionality fails on my website. I created another thread about the issue and changed the response headers in the origin server in an attempt to fix this, but it looks like the two pages are still not being cached!

P.S: Cloudflare is successfully caching the other static files, such as css and js( Cache-status: hit).


I suspect the “pragma: no-cache” header is what’s preventing it from caching. If you turn that off, it should start caching.


Thank you for the feedback, I managed to remove “pragma: no-cache” header. I will wait now to see if Cloudflare will finally succeed to cache the content.


I still can’t get it to HIT, and I don’t see the no-cache header. Maybe there’s some other header that’s doing it, and it’s possible it’s a header that Cloudflare filters out as it passes through.

If nobody else here has an idea, open a ticket: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.


You should try seeing the actual reply from the server.


Thanks, @sdayman, I opened up a support ticket.
@matteo, what do you mean by seeing the actual reply?


Sorry, meant to write back the command, but completely forgot.

Do this if you have access to UNIX and post the results here:

curl -I --resolve


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