Cloudflare failover solution

I am setting up a failover solution but I have no idea how to do it. I need help please.
Here is my condition. I have 3 dedicated servers. Each of the server having 2 domains pointing at it. There are total 6 domains. All servers have the backup of the other websites.

I would like to setup that when one the the server is down. It will automatically switch to other server with zero down time. I think adding 3 A records in DNS is not working, right? I took a look on this article but still have no idea what should I do.

I would like you experts to help me a bit. Sorry for asking the stupid question. I am new in website development. Thank you guys in advance.

On a paid plan, it will automatically failover to the other “A” record, as explained at the bottom of this article:

Without a paid plan, you would have to use the Load Balancer product at $5/month per domain.

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Thank you for the reply. I will use the paid plan. But if it only changes the A record. The website could only read the old database from the backup of other server, right?

Is there a plan could automatically sync the databases between server?

No. Cloudflare does not have solutions to ensure the consistency of your origin cluster.

Are all of the 6 hostnames in the same domain?

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Thank you for the reply. May I have some advise how could I archive this? I could do this myself if it only requires to edit files or enter linux commands. Or are there some companies I could paid for this kind of service? Sorry, I am new to this community, please let me know if I cannot talk about topic other than CF service.

All 6 hostnames is in different domains

You will need to find a developer to take care of your database requirements. Cloudflare does not handle anything database-related on your servers.

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