Cloudflare + express web hosting

hi im web-developer with nodejs
before every thing let me tell you why im trying to use cloudflare im from iraq-baghdad and the only available data center in my country is cloudflare so. my ping with cloudflare is 5ms so what im trying to do is hosting my web-sites on cloudflare all my sites is developed with nodejs-express but the problem i can’t find any steps or guides about how to host your express server on cloudflare . im used to with heroku server hosting but i can’t understand how cloudflare works , i can’t use heroku because they don’t have any data centers in iraq so any one can help me I will be appreciated for him.

Hi @thoalfokar.almuathen, welcome. Cloudflare does not host sites, so you’ll need to find a place to host your site. Once you have your site set up, if you want to use cloudflare, you’d change your name servers to those assigned by us and we route traffic to your site.


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