Cloudflare Expert One-to-One Needed


I’m having some real difficulties with my website which seems to be under a DDoS attack, but if I’m being honest I’m not really sure. I don’t have the technical expertise to work out wtf is going on. My server company, Cloudways, are not being a ton of help and saying there is little they can do (which could or could not be true). I have Cloudflare set up, and have done for a few years but never encountered any issues with DDoS in that time, or never to the point where it was causing us issues.

I’m looking for someone with expertise in Cloudflare and DDoS attacks that I can work with on a one-to-one basis to work through the issues we are facing, and solutions that can be put in place without affecting our e-commerce, mobile app.

Is that something that I can find here? Maybe not, ha, but I have to try as I’m starting to lose the will to live.

The forum is not exactly supposed to cover paid jobs, but if you post the exact issue in as many details as possible someone in the community might just have a look :slight_smile:.


That’s the thing, I don’t know. My hope is to find someone either here (or I have asked on LinkedIn too). Ha.

I think it would be so much easier to sit on a Zoom going through my Cloudways and Cloudflare set-ups, to see what is going on and things we can change there & then whilst we are chatting.

I appreciate that might not be the way to do things, and if it’s not allowed I will look elsewhere I just figured that it might be easier to find a Cloudflare expert on here :slight_smile:

You’ll definitely find people with plenty of Cloudflare expertise here but these will be mostly MVPs and paid gigs are rather unusual in this context. Hence I suggested you explain your issue and check if the community can sort it out.

Otherwise I’d probably really suggest a dedicated platform for this kind of outsourcing (Fiver and Upwork would come to mind, but I don’t really have experience with them to be honest).

I’ve created a new topic that goes into more details on the situation that I am facing. Figured that it would be the best way rather than try discuss here:

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