Cloudflare Event bus

I’m really excited about the direction Cloudflare is going in, especially with the announcement of the R2 service, it’s another ticked box for requirements for most websites.

For me, there is one huge gaping hole in the service offering and that is an event bus. When you’re dealing with microservices or any event driven architecture you need a way of passing events around and triggering other workers, and at the moment the only way to do it is by utilising a 3rd party like AWS, which is certainly sub optimal due to complexity and performance of passing data between providers, and lack of integration.

I’d love to see a Cloudflare Event Bus, which would replicate the basic functionality of SNS and SQS on AWS. Most people need the ability for one event to trigger multiple sources (fanout), and I believe if Cloudflare built a globally distributed event bus that supported fanout, with the ability to send events to R2, http webhooks (with retry capability) and to workers (with control over queuing aspects - concurrency, dead letter, retry backoffs etc) it’d be an absolute winner and you’d be opening the door to so many more businesses switching over to Cloudflare.

Of course the other missing piece of the puzzle is queryable data storage, but that’s a problem for another day :slight_smile: