Cloudflare EV SSL > Only for 200 bucks per month!

Hi there! Just a reminder

  • Cloudflare don’t sell SSL certificates
  • Cloudflare don’t have any option to upload your custom SSL
  • Except: you pay 200$ / month / domain for upload your custom SSL!

Ridiculous option. Please make something about it. Really really frustrating!!!

Cloudflare does sell DV (Domain Verification) certificates for $5/month or $10/month with custom hostnames.

I would argue that the $200/month is justified to be able to upload your own certificate. Custom certs are very much an oddity when you normally get free SSL, so the only use case I can see is for businesses who want their company name in the address bar with EV.

Also, note that all browsers are trying to kill off the EV certificate: