Cloudflare error messages

Even though my domain name is not listed on Cloudflare I still get error messages (520) restricting me from opening my bluehost site. I would like to disable Cloudflare completely. Regards, David.

Hi @david.oldland,

Can you share the domain?
I have not gone online with it yet as I am still developing it. Cheers.

Where exactly do you see the error? You don’t have Cloudflare nameservers specified and it doesn’t look like you are on a standard partner setup. Have you used Cloudflare on the site recently?

No, never used Cloudflare. I am building my site in the ocean theme with Elementor Pro in Bluehost.
As you can probably tell I am a complete novice but picking it up slowly and was enjoying the process until now. Oh, I see Error 520, Browser working, Adelaide Cloudflare working Host Error.

Have a look in your Bluehost panel, you may have enabled it through them, or if you can’t see anything, contact them and ask.

Will do, thanks for the help. Stay safe. Cheers.

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No worries, sorry I couldn’t help further. You too! :slight_smile:

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