Cloudflare error 526

The website: cause cloudflared 526 error, while in the same time pass ssl checker.

[type or paste code here](

If anyone could tell how to repair?

Error 526 is an SSL between Cloudflare and your origin server. The SSL checker only checks to Cloudflare. You should check out


Thank you.
Put it down, it seems not the problem the side could solve.
We have act as require again. But it seems still error. And don’t mention it is after a time suddenly cause without prior modification.

So doubt if the problem of cloudflared.
As for the side, we can’t do more.

Gratitude for your help~

Is it possible that the SSL certificate expired on the host? If you make the DNS record :grey: and wait for the DNS to expire, then does it work?

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Sorry for poor nginx configuration.

After set on ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on; in nginx conf resolve the problem.

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