Cloudflare Error 520 (Faulty DNS Settings on Cloudflare)

I am having so much trouble setting up my DNS records for all of my domains. I am trying to setup but I am getting a 520 error. I checked with my hosting company, and they said it was Cloudflare.

Are there any more tutorials to get help setting up DNS records other than the tutorial on Cloudflare to do it? I’m really struggling with it, and can’t get the hang of it.

Here’s the screenshot of the error I’m getting:

My cpanel records:

1st Half of my cpanel records:

2nd Half of my cpanel records:

Hi @sean.vanzant, sorry for the troubles. We’re showing that due to an issue with the origin. I’m on a mobile at the moment, but if you search 520 #CommunityTip you’ll find a tip with some suggestions.

Thank you @cloonan ! I just reached out to my hosting company and they told me to make sure my A record is pointing to the Dedicated IP on my server and I did. I noticed that the A record name www that points to my Dedicated IP was a grey cloud, so I made it an orange cloud.

I hope that I did not offend any of the MVPs at Cloudflare. I am going through two very recent medication changes, and I am trying to regroup there from that. And I hope that I didn’t ruin any chances to get help from them in the future, and continue to have great rapport with them. I really like them! I really appreciate their help! They are super helpful, and super knowledgeable!

Is there any way that I can send management/leadership a compliment about them? The MVPs @domjh @sandro @sdayman

And is there any way that you can send me a screenshot, or something else with the ideal DNS Records for any domain so that I don’t have to keep on bugging you guys? And, I deleted the previous topics I posted because I didn’t want my IP exposed for so long.

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Hi @sean.vanzant,

You definitely haven’t offended me or done anything to make me avoid your posts in the future, I can’t speak for the other MVPs, but all fine here :slight_smile:


@cloonan is the Community Manager who spends the most time on here, so I am sure he will see your post, you can also always create a topic in Meta for discussion around replies here or ‘discussion about the discussion’ etc.

As for your question, the DNS records will look slightly different for most domains, but as long as they match the ones at your host, it should work OK. What you could try is pausing Cloudflare on your site (on the overview page, bottom right), wait a few mins for propagation, and try accessing your site over HTTPS. You can then see any issues straight from your server without Cloudflare being involved.


Oh, okay. That is great to know. Great suggestion!

Thank you @domjh !


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