Cloudflare Error 500

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Maybe you did not set-up your nameservers correctly please re-check your nameservers and revert back .

No the nameservers are correct all the other urls are working except this one

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Can you send the other urls

The other urls are

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Thanks are sending the links as i just sawed your website i got your problem your main domain is working (sub-domain) is not working so go to Cloudflare DNS manager and add a A Record 360 pointing to your hosting provider ip if you have already done let me know

That record already exsist for a few days and it is and not 360

Someone recently had the same issue with the Madrid datacenter.

Please email support at support AT cloudflare DOT com and post the ticket # here so we can re-open and escalate the ticket.

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This one i created this morning
[Cloudflare Support] 2363297 - Cloudflare Error 500 not allowing me to access my website

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See the embedded post below for the marked solution for this post

Chill. The solution is to open a ticket and post the number, which they just did.


Whoops! Didn’t see this part

I’ve added that ticket # to the escalation queue.

You just quoted that very same thing when you blasted them.

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You must use and not

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Damm, I must not be paying attention at all right now!

So @sdayman it’s NOT just the center he or she is connecting to (as I get the error when connecting to the Dallas CF center!)

@Sebastvd I think I would mention that error establishing database conection is a common cause of HTTP error 500

Full troubleshooting for Error 500: Internal server error

Error 500: internal server error

Error 500 generally indicates an issue with your origin web server. Error establishing database connection is a common HTTP 500 error message generated by your origin web server. Contact your hosting provider to resolve.


Provide details to your hosting provider to assist troubleshooting the issue.

However, if the 500 error contains “Cloudflare” or “Cloudflare-nginx” in the HTML response body, provide Cloudflare support with the following information:

  1. Your domain name
  2. The time and timezone of the 500 error occurrence
  3. The output of from the browser where the 500 error was observed (replace with your actual domain and host name)

If you observe blank or white pages when visiting your website, confirm whether the issue occurs when temporarily pausing Cloudflare and contact your hosting provider for assistance.

If you take a look at the screenshot, the error isn’t happening at the host. It’s happening at the Cloudflare datacenter.

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Yeah, but that information is from

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