Cloudflare error 1014

Hi Cloudflare team. Today 04.11.2021 - 14.15 Time GMT+3 we got an error for all our websites

Cloudflare error 1014

It was down about 2-3 minutes then back to normal. What happened with Cloudflare can you give us any information?

The error was CNAME cross user banned right?

Common cause

By default, Cloudflare prohibits a DNS CNAME record between domains in different Cloudflare accounts. CNAME records are permitted within a domain ( CNAME to ) and across zones within the same user account ( CNAME to ).

Additionally, an error 1014 can be returned when a Cloudflare Apps is used on a client domain which origin is a provider using our SSL for SaaS solution. Unfortunately, this set up is not yet supported.


To allow CNAME record resolution to a domain in a different Cloudflare account, the domain owner of the CNAME target must contact Cloudflare Support and specify the domains allowed to CNAME to their target domain. A Cloudflare Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan is required on the target domain for Cloudflare Support to change default CNAME restrictions.

Most likely, the place hosting your sites made a configuration change for your site. This probably involved momentarily deactivating your hostname at their end, then re-activating it.

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Hi man, you were right. It was reloaded Nginx from Kinsta. Thanks for the information.

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