Cloudflare Enterprise on Cloudways is working poorly compared to Free Cloudflare on Namecheap


I have an issue where two different Cloudflare setups are very different in the results I see with Speed Vitals check.

I am doubting that Enterprise Cloudflare on Cloudways is configured correctly. The difference with the Free Cloudflare on my website using Namecheap hosting is kind of huge.

These two websites are not configured the same. Tdot dot co is a multisite on Cloudways. Tdot dot com is a regular WP on Namecheap.
Yet I think the performance of Cloudflare on Cloudways should be pretty fast in all regions and it isn’t.

I note that the cache status is called “Dynamic” in Cloudways result but says “-” in the Namecheap result/

Any suggestions about configuration?

Thank you.

View the result for

View the result for

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Those are really unequal environments to compare, way too many moving pieces. I can say a few things though:

If those were truly the urls you were testing, namely the http:// scheme, all you were really testing is the http to https redirects. For, Cloudflare handles the redirect to https (probably due to always use https), for, it’s reaching out to the origin, getting a redirect, and caching it after. That’s why is way slower on first run.

If you use the https:// scheme returning the actual site’s content on both, if you give it a few measurements, .co becomes faster because it caches html, unlike .com (although you could configure com to do that as well - Customize Caching · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs).

Just to set your expectations as well for “Enterprise Cloudflare on Cloudways”, Enterprise is piece meal, you request what you need. Specific cool things like generic tiered caching, api shield, etc, are missing from their offering. I don’t see anything on their page you couldn’t get with Business plan (due to pci dss, if you ignore that, then Pro) with addons. Just saying, I wouldn’t expect magic. The length your assets stay cached for example is plan agnostic, just based on access frequencies (excluding tiered caching features). The most important bit of their offering is probably Argo Smart Routing, but if you’re in the US/a populated area, you might not notice/end up hitting the same CF Locations and such anyway, and not notice any speed difference at all between free and their “enterprise” for a cached website.


I appreciate the reply. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes when I just typed the care domain name apparently Speed Vitals only queried the “http” and not “https.” Didn’t realize that would impact anything.

After some time I noticed the Cloudflar Enterprise was caching things and improving the speed even on connections in far reaches. Which is good.

I will check out the options including the Argo Routing. Thanks for mentioning that.

Disappointingly Cloudways does not give you access to any of the stats which is ridiculous considering it’s a paid add on. When I complained I thought it wasn’t working they provided a lot of detail via PDF.

I will compare the free Cloudflare with caching plugins like Breeze (Cloudways recommended) and also compare with Hummingbird and the WPMU Dev CDN.

Thanks for taking the time to give this feedback.

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