Cloudflare Enterprise + Free - Conflict?

Dear Cloudflare community,

my cloud provider (Cloudways) provides Cloudflare Enterprise which I use for my application (WordPress). Everything is managed from their side. You actually just have to configure the DNS. So, I created also an account based on the free plan on Cloudflare to manage my domain/DNS.

Now I worry that the two plans may conflict with each other. Are my thoughts justified? Do I have to deactivate anything (like caching) in Cloudflare free plan to avoid conflicts/overrides to the enterprise plan from Cloudways?

Sorry if my question sounds like nonsense. I am new to CDN and feel unsure.

Thank you.

From what I remember, if there is a conflict between your settings and Cloudways settings, then Cloudways settings will override yours. You don’t need to deactivate your Cloudflare account.

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