Cloudflare enabled, but does not enable the site

I have done all the steps to activate or deactivate the site but even so my site does not activate SSL, I am doing a test site by infinityfree and the domain by freenom, somebody helps me.

Are you able to share the domain and what the issue is?

my site is this, I can not leave the enabled in it, I already put the dns of Cloudflare in the freenom where my domain is. is not pointing to Cloudflare yet via Freenom it appears?

On Freenom if you hit default, then again set back to the given nameservers by Cloudflare, sometimes Freenom is weird at updating straight away :smiley:

What nameservers were you assigned when you added your domain to Cloudflare?

Right now, it does not look like Cloudflare has your domain configured.

-> dns Cloudflare

-> freenom

-> infinityfree

I do not know if I can post these types of photos here, I’ll be excluding later.

I put the cloud dns in the freenom as I saw in video and waited 1 day to enable, so nothing happened.

Normally if you run this command you get back the two nameservers assigned by Cloudflare to your account dig +short ns

In this case it is empty, suggesting to me that either the domain is not correctly configured on Cloudflare, or that you need to log a ticket with support.

Also, the .ml zone still points to FreeNom nameservers for your domain.

Okay, so what do I do?

I actually installed a plugin called Really Simple SSL, I do not know if much but it appeared this not my wordpress

Verify that the Overview page for the domain looks like this (the text in the grey boxes will be different):

Confirm that the domain you added to Cloudflare is actually

Update your nameservers with your registrar to use the ones Cloudflare gave you ([this link might help]( Center.php?action=displayarticle&id=3))

Wait up to 24 hours.

If it is still not working, raise a ticket with support.

It might be your translation or my browser but I now see via your screenshot that your domain is infact…

Which is pointed to Cloudflare and SSL is working fine! :slight_smile:

Would I be right in saying all you need to do now is use this option?

but the ssl plugin says it is not being detected

In your WordPress settings have you changed the site URL to HTTPS:// ?

Do you see the certificate in your browser when you are on that detected possible certificate issues page?

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