Cloudflare empty response on some js files

I was using Cloudflare for about 3 weeks successfully without any error. But 2 days ago I noticed that some of JS files aren’t loading. Actually, they are loaded but empty response. I wondered because I didn’t change any setting and a few days ago all files loaded correctly and site loaded very good with high speed.
I should say that every important and related setting(https, ssl, dns, page rules, cache, rocket loader, …) was changed and tested with fresh connection to resolve problem but problem exists still, unfortunately.
I think there is a config or setting to solve problem.
please help me : )

Can you post the URL of one of those files that isn’t loading?

Yes sure:
CloudFlare isn’t now active on site because it cause site to be down for JS files ; )

Please help. Is there any solution?

Since your site isn’t on Cloudflare, I can’t check. Two places to look when you do put it back on Cloudflare:

  1. Server logs. The request should show up, along with the response code.
  2. Browser Dev Tools (F12 on Chrome). Look at the response headers and content.

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