Cloudflare + email signature triggers our emails to get sent to spam folder

Dear Cloudflare community,

Ever since I enabled Cloudflare our emails get sent to the spam folder when we include our email signature (this happens with 3-4 different email providers- the worst one is Hotmail/live). We use Gsuit and have all the right configurations in the DNS settings etc. I have also looked at our domain/IP address and it’s white-listed everywhere. Also, my signature has no images or anything that should trigger a spam alert.

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time with G-suit support my hosting company (Siteground) to make sure the problem is not from their end and I can confirm that the problem is not from their end… How do I know this? When I disable Cloudflare the exact same email with the exact same signature goes through to the main inbox.

I have included the message/email source of the different tests I’ve done attached in the dropbox link below.

Please help me with this I can’t afford to lose any more clients because they never received my email!


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