Cloudflare EMAIL setup fails

I can send email, however all of my incoming email is being blocked.

Connecting to
5/29/2022 6:25:55 PM Connection attempt #1 - Unable to connect after 15 seconds. [15.00 sec]

LookupServer 15023ms


I am using the EMAIL SETTINGS from Cloudflare, and MXTOOLBOX says that the server is not reachable?

Can anyone please provide a clear pathway for getting email to work?

Thank You!

You need to set the record for your mailserver to be DNS Only/grey cloud.

Cloudflare’s proxy (:orange:) is only for HTTP and HTTPS.

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Is this a setting in WHM where I set that up for mailserver only DNS? Good clue appreciate your help!

Can you please provide the exact way you would set up the mailserver to be DNS only?

As @KianNH had mentioned, make the DNS record(s) DNS only (gray-cloud) when creating or editing it. The DNS record shouldn’t have an orange cloud and it should say DNS only instead of Proxied.

Are you trying to use Cloudflare’s Email Routing?

If you’re not using Cloudflare’s Email Routing, and are wanting to use the mail server of your cPanel/WHM server, you’d recreate the relevant e-mail DNS records within your Cloudflare dashboard and gray-cloud them.

I am using the routing inside Cloudflare for email, but it cannot find the domain name is what is stated on. So, I am still very confused because when I grey list the IP address attached to MAIL and WEBMAIL it exposes the ip address and provides a warning. Why would Cloudflare have an email setup if it does not work? Do I get rid of all of the Cloudflare email set up and just use WHM CPANEL? I sure wish this set up was a lot easier, I never had a problem before and always received my email but that has all stopped. So, when I use mxtoolbox it says that the MX records cannot find domain I thought the whole point of using Cloudflare was to hide your ip address and deliver to my domain. Do I change out the MX records and use the WHM records? I appreciate the help and sure would like to get the exact set up required and a step by step process to set up the email correctly. Thank You!

Ok, I think I will dump the Cloudflare MX records and use WHM. After re-reading your post, Thanks!

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