Cloudflare Email Routing spam issue

Use CloudflareEmail Routing to my gmail personal mailbox, incoming letters will go to spam, is there a solution? thanks

I’m seeing the same thing. As far as i can tell SPF, Dmarc and DKIM are correct. but i’m getting a message like below in Gmail.


I have experienced same issue. It seems Cloudflare Email Routing domains/IPs has bad reputation.

Same here, I’ve had lots of false positives after the switch to CF Email Routing too, BUT it took only two days of pushing Gmail’s “Not spam” button to return to the normal.
So I emailed everyone on our domain to check Spam folder a little more too.

I find somewhat logical when our email delivery suddenly changed so much and everyone’s real incoming spam now uses CF email servers, that we have to teach Gmail spam filters a little to understand the new situation. Luckily it’s learning fast, AFAIS. :slight_smile:

For me after several days, gmail doesn’t learn… and a lot of mails are send in spam even with “pass/pass/pass” for Spf/Dkim/Dmarc.