Cloudflare Email Routing service encrypts email using GPG

This is my first time asking a question in Cloudflare’s community, I’ve done some searching with search engines before but haven’t found a solution.

Can email forwarded through Cloudflare Routing be encrypted with GPG public key?
If it can be encrypted, it is relatively safe to send it on the Internet, I hope my request will be answered as soon as possible.

Cloudflare Email Routing is an email forwarding service. It is not a full blown email service, nor is it an email encryption service.

In order to receive a GPG encrypted email via Cloudflare Email Routing, the sender would need to encrypt the message for your public key.


Thanks for your reply, I already have the GPG public key, I would like to know how should I add DNS resolution.
Should DKIM records be added?

If you are DKIM signing, you need to publish corresponding records or the signatures will not validate.

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