CloudFlare Email Routing Service and Custom Outgoing Server

Hi Everyone!

I have a Cloudflare Email Routing service. But you know this service working only incoming mails. I want to send mails but unfortunately not possible for Cloudflare Email Routing product now.

I thought about opening another mx record for my own SMTP server and setting the priority value higher than the others. If I do this, can I send outgoing email via my own SMTP server?

If I make such a setting;

1- Does the “Cloudflare Email Routing” product forward the incoming e-mails?
2- Does my own SMTP server send outgoing e-mails?



MX route1mxcloudflarenet 81
MX route2mxcloudflarenet 17
MX route3mxcloudflarenet 98

MX ownmx 100 (Only SMTP server)

Priority is ascending. The one with the lowest number is tried first. All mutiple MX Records are useful for is backups. If the one with the lowest priority doesn’t work, it’ll go to the next, and the next, and the next.

You don’t need to have a MX record for outgoing mail though, you just need spf/dkim/dmarc records that allow it to send. Sending mail from your own servers though isn’t an easy endeavor. You’re very likely to get spammed, IP Reputation and such matters a lot.
You could use a paid solution like mailgun, smtp2go, sendgrid, etc, and you can hook up gmail to send via them. Or you could go with a whole mail solution like Fastmail, Google Workspace, etc, that supports Custom Domains.


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