Cloudflare Email Routing IDN Not working

I’m working on the IDN support in Email Routing. Note that the service is still in beta so we can expect a few edge cases.


This was my user experience with the beta:

  • Cloudflare advertised Email Forwarding
  • CF put Email Routing on the Dashboard
  • CF offered a “Request Access” button (for the IDN)
  • CF did send me an email:

The wait is over!

Your zone xn--**********.** has now access to the Email Routing Beta. You can access Email Routing in the Cloudflare dashboard. Select your account and zone, and click Email.

You can create as many custom email addresses as you want for your domain. Emails will be delivered to the mailbox of your choice (like Gmail, Outlook, or your work email address).

We strive to make the enrollment and usage as straightforward as possible, so please share your feedback with us on the community forum.

  • CF allowed me to setup an address for receiving emails
  • CF offered to automatically add the required DNS records
  • CF told me which DNS records have to delete to enable routing

End result: CF broke email delivery to my domain, which I then have to fix again (meanwhile mails to that domain returned to sender with an error).

(Edit: delete remaining part of the message, because it was tagged as “offensive”)

@user51411 I think you need to cheal out a bit.


I created this topic to inform Cloudflare and it’s users and fix it. Glad you found it. I agree Cloudflare need take care more about it, but you quite hot here, please not get ban :upside_down_face:

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