Cloudflare Email Routing Fails

I just tried setting up email routing with Cloudflare for my domain, but when testing it, I am unable to receive any emails. It says DKIM, DMARC and SPF records are all valid.

I reverted back to my old MX record (it uses a mail server on the same machine as the web server) and then received a new notice that I didn’t have before which said my origin IP was now exposed.

So I’m in a bit of a bind, now. I don’t know why the email routing didn’t work, and I also don’t know why I’m suddenly being warned about unproxied MX records when I didn’t get that warning before. Any help?

I’m not sure why you didn’t see the warning before, but the warning is because of this…

It’s just warning you that if you are proxying to hide your IP address, it can’t be done as mail can’t be proxied and mail and web servers are on the same IP address.

If you do go back to try the email routing again, then post back and someone can look to see what may be wrong.

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I’d be happy to try email routing again. When I enabled it before, I was getting deliverability errors from an upstream source.

This one would indicate that you are stacking multiple Email Routing domains on top of each other.

You will need to follow the chain of Email Routing domains and check the “Activity Log”, not only on the first domain, but also the next, and next, and next, until you reach the error from the actual final destination.