Cloudflare email routing fails to deliver emails

Cloudflare mail routing fails to deliver emails to the routing address.

Cloudflare has generated the dns records - and says they are ok - i can’t work out why routing is failing.

domain is hometend dot com

Current DNS settings -



|TXT|||v=spf1 ~all|Added|"

(i’m only allowed 4 links per post apparently :slight_smile:

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Have you verified and confirmed your destination email address?

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Hi - Yes - the destination email address has been verified and shows as verified in the Cloudflare email routing dashboard screen…

not sure how I missed that :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tips - i’ll know for the future

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I am facing a similar issue.
Email address is verified and confirmed.
I get emails sent from gmail but not from hotmail or any other.

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