Cloudflare Email Routing beta

I try to use newly beta for email forwarding. Set-up as requested (automatically) but get error.
Message could not been forwarded.
Anybody have experience with this DNS setup for MX?


Could you please take a screenshot of the error you are seing?

I cut the long answer from outlook into pieces:

need to know more?

  • Norbert

The error seems to indicate that when sending the email from Microsoft, It couldn’t resolve the MX records in DNS. If you just setup Email Routing, I suggest waiting a few hours until Microsoft picks up the DNS change.

Setup was 4 days ago Sven…

Is the target domain listed as an Accepted domain in your Office 365 setup?

Exchange admin center

If yes, is it Authoritative or Internal Relay?

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Yes, domian is accepted.
I changed from authoritative to internal relay, with no result.
Right now outlook told me " not guilty email address"

I’m waiting on one of my existing Office 365 domains to be added to the beta to test this myself, so this is my best guess as to what is happening.

With Internal Relay any mailbox in your O365 Tenant with a matching email address is delivered to directly. All other email is sent through a connector to your other mail server (usually an on-prem Exchange server). You probably don’t have a connector created for this, so the mail has nowhere to go. Either create a connector and transport rule, or delete the domain from Accepted Domains completely.

If you send from somewhere completely different (like a personal Gmail or Hotmail account) I expect the mail is delivered to and forwarded by Cloudflare without issue. Is that the case?

Hi Michael, tested this. built a connector and send from external email. no other result as before.
I would appreciate I could dig deaper or get failure messages out (nop)
Waiting your installation - norbert

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