Cloudflare Email Routing (beta) - Antispam

Hi there.

I have access to the newly released Cloudflare Email feature. The documentation available is succinct, if anyone can tell me more, I’m all ears!

What happens once I change my MX records by Cloudflare’s ones, e.g. what services run behind it?

I spent hours with my last 2 providers investigating why I didn’t receive some important emails. Both times, it appeared that their antispam filters was responsible. I couldn’t learn more. The emails I was missing were non-spammy emails from Gmail users, and Google’s verification emails.

So, does Cloudflare Email Routing also filters out emails, for antispam reasons or other? How will I know if it blocked a legit email I was supposed to receive?


Cloudflare doesn’t filter anything I believe. I wish it had basic filtering.

Does Cloudflare employ any techniques to drop obvious spam messages at the MX or does it forward absolutely everything, in particular for catchall setups?

Does it have any issues with Gmail for potentially forwarding lots of spam?

Other forwarders seem to do some filtering, which I personally don’t like because of the false positive risk and potential delays from greylisting: