Cloudflare Email Routing and Wordpress (Not send Email)

The problem is described in the topic title.
How to fix? don’t use Cloudflare email routing and enable on SMTP ?
Wordpress (Plugin Email logging)

DNS Cloudflare

Cloudflare offers mail forwarding and that’s about it when it comes to an SMTP service. You will need to use a dedicated mail service if you want to send email.

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Email routing Cloudflare doesn’t work exactly wordpress. Sending mail works. Wordpress is not working.

Did you read my reply?

In case you were saying Wordpress is sending emails which do not arrive at the configured email address, then that will be an issue with your Wordpress setup and not Cloudflare.

You can easily verify that by sending an email to your Cloudflare address from your regular email client, such as Gmail.

SMTP works great! I need to use cloudfler products. The post was created in order to understand why there is such a problem with WordPress. Mail forwarding also works if you write from other email addresses. Gmail example and others.
So far the solution is:

  • Use a template for sending letters not from Wocommerce

Apparently the problem is in Wocommerce itself.

It’s not clear what your question is.

Again, Cloudflare does not provide SMTP services. If mail forwarding works (as you said) then everything works as far as Cloudflare is concerned.

I needed to understand if there are any problems on the Cloudflare side. Apparently everything is fine on the Cloudflare side.

Yep, Cloudflare appears to work fine from what you mentioned.

Server support response
Judging by your DNS records, 3 MTAs on the hosts “”, “” and “” are currently processing mail for the “” domain .net" with different priority. As far as we know, Cloudflare does not provide its own mail servers and, moreover, mail traffic cannot be proxied. Therefore, we have a question which/which mail servers should actually process the mail of the mentioned domain?

With such MX records, you should not receive incoming mail if it is not sent from your server (where local routing takes place), but, say, from Gmail.

Your host is obviously not aware that Cloudflare provides forwarding.

Again, your setup is correct and you will need to check your server. You mentioned yourself, that you do receive emails.

There will be more information on solving the problem. I’ll write here

Unless you have a specific issue with forwarding of emails on Cloudflare I’d assume we clarified the issue and any other Cloudflare issues should be discussed in a separate thread.

So email forwarding does work for you, right?

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