Cloudflare email redirect without changing DNS for entire domain

Switching email provider, would like to forward some email accounts to backup mail server domain until the new server is up and running.

Forwarding to email is verified but email routing requires changing DNS it seems.

Do not want to send all emails to CF, just intercept a couple and re-route to new mail server. Basically send all emails to old mail server, but redirect some specific email addresses to another domain email. Both emails are not with CF but another provider.

Is this possible?

Email routing is set up like any other email server, using MX Records. Having more then one MX Record can only be used for backup purposes, mail servers will not deliver to both. Some email providers, like Google Workspaces, offer this “dual delivery” by letting you set MX records to point at them, and within their own configuration, deliver to another email host the emails they receive.

In short, you cannot just “intercept a couple” or dynamically route emails based on address to a specific service, not without using another service to receive all and deliver them to configured services, which CF doesn’t offer, outside of just simple email forwarding.