Cloudflare email on a subdomain

I got into the beta for Cloudflare email routing, but I already have an MX record at the root, and would just like to test this new feature for potential adoption. Is it possible to set up Cloudflare email on a non-root domain?

On the web console it says that there are potential record conflicts since my @ has an MX record, but if I just manually set up an MX record at subdomain.[domain] in the zone pointing at the Cloudflare mail server domains assigned to me, will the service handle that correctly?


While Email Routing technically supports subdomains, the UI/API doesn’t allow it yet. To work around that you can create a new zone with your subdomain and setup Email Routing on there. It requires a ENT account and to request access to the feature again.


Thanks for the reply! I see, unfortunately I only use Cloudflare for personal projects and cannot get an Enterprise account to be able to create a zone on a subdomain. I look forward to when, if ever, email routing supports this feature.

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