CloudFlare Email Fowarding

I have a domain that i purchased from namecheap and hosting for free from awardspace(since it’s just a small gaming community forum and usage under free section is enough).
I have created a webmail and using email forwarding service in awardspace but unfortunately i’m not receiving the mails neither in webmail box (roundcube that awardspace provides) nor in my forwarded email address. I seeked for help from awardspace and they did help me out to point to the specific dns services (i messed up a bit earlier) but still no luck.
So finally i was guided to turn off cloudflare services and give it a try. Unfortunately i have some specific redirects working 24*7 and switching dns will atleast take 6 hours so i’m afraid to try it out.
Do anyone have any idea of how to fix it?

Cloudflare doesnt handle email. You just need to make sure your MX record points to the correct server, thats all.

Yeah but maybe it’s blocking. As because i see i’m receiving the emails in my webmail but email forwarding is not working. I already did the mx settings that was guided by awardspace support team.

If your mail server is blocking anything you need to clarify this with your mail host.

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