Cloudflare Email Forwarding succeeds, but email arrives at inbox

Hi all,

I have set up the Cloudflare email forwarding feature on my website.
The ‘Routing status’ and ‘DNS records’ is showing that they are configured correctly.
When I send an email to the Custom address, I see a new transaction in the Activity log saying that the email has been forwarded, but I never receive the email at the forwarded email address.

The transaction in the activity log looks like the following:

Message ID       Sender           Custom address Received     Result
0Nk8wI60I47u   <redacted>    [email protected]                  Forwarded

SPF status   DMARC status   DKIM status
pass             none                   pass

I checked my spam folder in my email and tried to see what is going on, but I can’t seem to figure it out.
Is there any way to debug the issue to see where the problem is?

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