Cloudflare email authentication token gone wrong

Okey heres my problem recently i was login into my Cloudflare account first is good because its email me if i used different ip but after that day i cant be receive an email for authentication token like resetting password or email auth token (until now), i rise a Cloudflare ticket i answered all questions and they say that they cant verify that was me ■■■■ and the agent say they cant disabled “two-factor authentication” but i did not request that just only let me login in my account (only that my concern), they ask me to create a ticket/form in my mail provider because Cloudflare smtp mail is blocked so i follow them but i know this is take about days or weeks. They show me an screenshot that the auth was sent but not July 7 (its my last day received mail)

Looks like the reason why is not being delivered is has to do with your mail server policy: "450 Requested mail action not taken: mailbox unavailable Reject due to policy violations. For explanation visit"

Just i want it to do now just let me login my Cloudflare account i am willing request change email its fine to me, but marked my ticket is resolved that is a big misunderstanding i was wait almost 13 hours now to fix my problem also i am business plan holder so it’s only take minutes to reply also my mail provider they want me to change my password both same password on Cloudflare and i dont know why my email provider needs me to change password its too creepy, i have a headache now because of this problem and still not fix my problem.

i dont know what is the problem why my mail provider need me to change my password its sounds creepy

Hi @alexchiasennhan, I’m not sure I’m tracking 100% with what you wrote, but if the issue is simply pw recovery and not removing 2fa, did you try the password reset option,

Beyond that, can you share the ticket number? And, if you’ve not replied back to support indicating the issue is not with 2fa, please do, that way the team knows you’re still having an issue.

1719656 i did not use any auth app only Cloudflare give me auth token if my ip was changed

I see the ticket and suggest replying to let the agent know if you’re still having an issue.

it’s morning here right now and i scheduled maintinance as of 12am in my website until now it was not resolved because i cant login my Cloudflare account what a good life! f

Let us know if you have any issues again, @alexchiasennhan.

i’ve been change my email address and its work fine now

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