Cloudflare Email and where do I check my Cloudflare email?

I might be horribly confused, but I applied for and was granted the ability to set up domain email for one of my domains… I set up the Cloudflare email routing and it’s working, and routing to where I choose. However (and this might be the dumb part) where do I actually ‘check’ my email inside of Cloudflare ?? Maybe that’s not how it works…any explanation on this would be great!

Thank you!

You’d check your email to wherever you routed / forwarded it. So if you setup [email protected] to forward to your personal gmail account, you’d look for emails sent to [email protected] in your personal gmail account.


Ok thank you for that, and that much I do understand; what I’m not understanding is if I want to respond using the domain email set up in Cloudflare it responds with the @gmail extension and not @domain I set up in Cloudflare…?

Maybe it doesn’t do that. AKA: how would I make the response look like it came from the email set up in Cloudflare… lol sorry hope that’s not confusing. I’m thinking it only works one way tho…people can send me email w/ that domain but I can’t respond w/ it unless I don’t mind it looking like it came from Gmail…?? Do I have that right?

Wonder if I can set up something in my gmail to make it look like I’m responding from that domain email… I think there is a way.

I appreciate your time w/ this :wink:

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Replying from Cloudflare for email forwarded domains is not currently a feature (no idea if it ever will be). For now the ability to ‘send as’ your domain would require your current provider to support it or the use of a 3rd party service.

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Ok thank you again; so am I correct in thinking that the Cloudflare email is not typical email it just allows forwarding then; do I have that right?

Thank you!

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If the new email you’re having Cloudflare route to is GMail, then you should be able to:
Login there (to your new GMail address),
Click on the “Settings” Gear (near top right),
Click “See all settings”,
Click “Accounts and Import”,
Then look at the “Send mail as:” section.

You should be able to use what’s there to reply from your new GMail address and have it appear as if it was your old email address to the recipient.

@Grumpy_24_7 Awesome, I knew there was a way to do that somehow I just hadn’t done if for a long time so a little bit foggy on remembering :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Ok wait so the way to do that requires you to send mail through my SMTP server which would be my Cloudflare smtp server and it wants a password… where does that password come from; this is slightly different and not understanding that part…? I’m missing something here :slight_smile:

I’m not understanding what you mean by “my Cloudflare smtp server”?

I have a custom domain which used to be affiliated with the (formerly free) “Google Workspace” (aka “G Suite” aka “Google Apps For Your Domain”). When Google recently announced I needed to start paying for it, I elected to move all the email over to standard (still free, so far) GMail accounts. However I wanted to retain my custom domain name for my email addresses.

Using the “Send mail as” feature in GMail, I can receive mail (sent to my custom email address) at [email protected] and still reply to it as if I were using my custom email address:


Ok, I actually am doing the exact same thing for a customer; but her email isn’t routed thru Cloudflare like this one. W/ this one I am trying to set it up the same way via what you are saying the ‘Send mail as’ feature in Gmail. The Cloudflare email routing is working that part is great; I’m trying to (which is what you are saying) configure the ‘send as’ from my domain… it’s trying to send thru a Cloudflare mx record…and not the gmail smtp like yours above see:
cloudflare email issue
Also, what password is this and where is it coming from?? I understand what the User name might be, but the password?? The email addy I’m trying to use WAS actually set up in Cloudflare and routed to my personal Gmail, but totally not getting where those smtp settings are coming from :upside_down_face: :confused:
Ugg so frustrating lol; I so appreciate your time!

The SMTP server/Username/Password information would be from the DNS/MX for the actual domain.

You can also setup the SMTP/UN/PW as being google servers. Info can be found at the below link (If my new account lets me post a link).

It’ll be very important to also add correct DMARC/SPF/DKIM information if sending through gmail.

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@ewagar Ok thank you so much! … in response to your reply that is my confusion:

In this case the DNX/MX records are with Cloudflare… and no place to set up SMTP…

*I think I might know what part of the problem is: I moved this domain over to Cloudflare another provider and I see there is still CNAME records for mail and SMTP with the old provider :thinking: so obviously those need to be updated as well, just not sure what they should be now…the MX records are all w/ Cloudflare; how confusing lol!

Thank you all for helping me work thru this; I’ve set up email all over the place but this just has me stumped…

Let’s see if we can get this to make sense…

When a user emails your customer, they send the email to [email protected], and the nameservers for are pointing to Cloudflare’s. You’ve set up Cloudflare Email Routing to accept email for From there, Email Routing is configured to Send (I’m assuming Send and not Drop) to [email protected]. And the question is how does [email protected] respond and use [email protected]. Like this…

Because the MX records of say to deliver the message to Cloudflare, and Cloudflare is configured to then deliver the message to [email protected]. Cool so far?

Then, how does [email protected] respond as [email protected] through their Gmail account? They can either use the method you’ve already discovered through “Send email as:” - “Add another email address you own” and using the SMTP server of or the SMTP info for

I’m guessing you’re a bit like me and you won’t understand until you do it and see what happens. In that case, since you have access to the Cloudflare Email Routing feature, add yourself an email address ([email protected]). Then you’ll see [email protected]get delivered wherever you configured Cloudflare to deliver it. From there, configure “Send email as:” - “Add another email address you own” to send email as [email protected] using the SMTP settings from the provider that hosts, or the Gmail SMTP settings.

In both instances, Cloudflare is simply a forwarder, just like if you were to configure forwarding in Gmail settings. Cloudflare only accepts the message and deliver to where it’s configured.

If possible, can you post the actual domain and which provider had the DNS records prior to Cloudflare?

If you make it as far as creating and receiving with [email protected] and then using [email protected] to send, let us know.


Ok gosh thank you for the time! Here is what is already done on it: :slight_smile:

  • email is already created in Cloudflare and already being routed to a personal gmail acct; this is just basically a test/junk email for me to use

  • I understand Cloudflare is basically just a forwarder, but it did make me ‘create’ the address inside of Cloudflare to use it in this manor

  • When it comes into my personal gmail acct it does say from @mydomain so that part is great

  • I’m already trying the configuration of ‘Send email as’ and load up that new email, but it wants the SMTP settings, and by default coming up with the SMTP settings from Cloudflare that is where the issue is it wants the user and password and there is no user and password lol, I’m so sorry this is becoming a circular conversation!

The actual domain I’m testing this on is (lol but not in this case no rockin’ going on here), the provider that had the DNS before CF is Network Solutions…

Thanks again!

In this instance, if you don’t have the “Professional Email” or “Professional Email Plus” plan from Network Solutions, you’ll use the Gmail SMTP settings here How to Use the Gmail SMTP Server to Send Emails for Free. This will allow you to use Gmail’s servers to send mail “from” [email protected]

As stated earlier, Cloudflare doesn’t provide SMTP end-user access. When you go through the Send mail as process on Gmail, the SMTP Server field will most likely be auto-filled with a Cloudflare address (the one you posted earlier), which is not what you can use. Remove that domain and put in along with your Gmail account and password.

OK I will for sure try that as soon as I am able; prob won’t be until tomorrow sometime now; thank you! I will let you know!

Hey… I have been following this convo and have the same exasperating situation. Except that i tried using with the correct corresponding email and password to google. It did not work. After that, I turned of the “less secure apps”. I even tried to do it through a pop 3. No change…I’m pretty sure that I’m living in the wrong century! Any other ideas?
the worst part is, that i have already done it on another gmail account and when I open the Send Mail as…I can send by that address, but cannot get the new address to work.

Same EXACT thing here as well! Word for word! lol its driving me nUtZ! Please dont shut down this thread untill we have some Solid answers PLEASE! (and thankyou) :slight_smile:

I’ve used email forwarding tools in the past and recently switched to Cloudflare for this task. The same instructions for setting up “send as” through Gmail apply to Cloudflare as well. See the instructions that a similar service offers; these work for me currently.

Here is the official Gmail suport article that explains how to send email from another address

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